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Cowichan Valley Wine Tours

We Visit the Most Wineries!

Wine Tasting Tours open all year weather permitting.

Cowichan Valley Wine Tours

Cowichan’s pretty towns and villages – including Chemainus, Ladysmith, Duncan, Cobble Hill and Cowichan Bay. Known as the Warmland, Cowichan is home to medal winning wines from our awesome local wineries.

MyGo Tours would love to show you these amazing wineries. We provide the best private group wine tasting tours in the Cowichan Valley. Fun, educational and tasty.

    • The best private group wine tasting tours in the Cowichan Valley
    • MyGo wine tasting tours are a full day, touring the Cowichan Valley
    • Typically we visit 3-4 wineries with time for a delicious lunch.


Experience the ambiance and deliciousness of every Cowichan winery. Each winery is unique. Some are very boutique, others are opulent and expansive.

    • We have 2 buses
    • One bus is a 14 passenger and the other is an 18 passenger bus
    • Both are a forward-facing passenger buses, with friendly, professional drivers
    • It’s an affordable way to spend a full day with friends and family, enjoying  Pinot Noir, Ortega, Pinot Gris and more
    • Locals and visitors from near and far love the MyGo Wine Tasting Tour
    • We are willing to make any and all reservations
    • You choose the wineries or we can or we can coordinate the visits together. You can also substitute a winery for a  brew pub or distillery
    • Sorry, the buses are not wheelchair accessible
    • We pick up and drop off from Parksville to Victoria (fees for some pick up areas apply, see pricing below)

      Bring your favourite playlist and bluetooth to our stereo.

      Crank it up and lets go!

Cowichan Valley Wine Tours
Wine tours cowichan
Bachelorette wine tasting tours MyGo
Vancouver Island Wine Tours Cowichan Valley
Bachelorette wine tour Cowichan Valley
Cowichan Valley Wine Tasting Tours

MyGo Cowichan Wine Tours FAQs

Currently MyGo has 2 buses. One is a 14 seater and the other is an 18 seater. Note that we only cater to one group at a time. Meaning, we do not mix your group with another group of people that you do not know. Buses are not wheelchair accessible.
Please see our pricing page on this website for all pricing matters including deposits, additional costs if any, and our refund policy.
For the most part we visit 4 wineries and one lunch location. Pick up is usually around 10am-10:30am depending on your location. Return time is 5:30-6pm depending on your location. Our tours are full day tours. We do not provide short half day tours.
We are a door to door service. We pick up your group from your location choice and return you later in the day. Our service area is primarily the Cowichan Valley, however it is not uncommon for us to pick up groups from Nanaimo and Parksville. We also make numerous trips to Westshore and Victoria. Other pick up locations originate from Chemainus, Ladysmith and Lake Cowichan. Note: Wine tours are not available on Sundays for Victoria due to the return traffic chaos.
Your group can choose the wineries or we can. Check out our Wineries Page to see the wineries we frequently visit. We will suggest wineriesbased on your location and your group demographics. This is the same for lunch but you are free to choose any wineries or lunch location.
Sure you can. You can mix and match a winery, brew pub, or a distillery on your tour. Just let us know what you are looking for.
You are responsible for paying the wineries and the restaurant. We use a "pay as you go" system business model. We recognize that not everyone wants to drink on the tour or not everyone wants to taste at every winery we visit. The "pay as you go" model keeps the pricing fair for all.
The cost for wine tastings is between $10-$13 per winery, per person. Each winery serves at least 5 tastings. These are usually a mix of red and white wines. The wineries appreciate it when one person for the group pays for the entire wine tasting fee. This way they do not have too many individuals paying separately. Time saver for all involved as we want to get going to the next winery. If you request it, we can customize an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE for your group.
We make all the reservations where reservations are necessary. This includes your choice of restaurant.
Our business model is to tour private groups on our 14 or18 passenger bus. We charge by the busload... not per person. Thus, having small groups is usually too expensive with us. Our customers win the cost effectiveness game when they have a larger group size.
Most certainly. If you prefer a picnic lunch instead of a restaurant we can set this up. Your group will supply the lunch and beverages.
Your drivers love music. Really they do! Music on the bus happens via BlueTooth. We turn the volume up and then you control your playlist and volume with your phone (some of the songs we hear, Oh My!). Don't be afraid to turn it up and sing it loud. We like it.
Pets and children are welcome. Children must have approved child restraints brought by you. We do not have child restraints. You can request our driver stop for ice cream for the kid. Dogs will require leashes on the winery property and are not allowed in restaurants.
Gratuity is charged on your invoice at 15%. If you prefer not to have this billed to your invoice we will remove it. 100% of all prepaid gratuity goes to your driver. If you would like to pay your driver more than the 15% they would surely be appreciative.
We do not check or verify identification on the bus, however we guarantee that the wineries will check ID. Please remember your ID unless you are as old as the owner of MyGo Tours (64)!
Typically the season winds up in late April and goes until the end of October. The busiest days are Saturdays, Sundays and Fridays in that order. We are open all week.



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MyGo Tours and Transportation has been operating on Vancouver Island since 2018. MyGo offers fun, creative wine tasting tours in the Cowichan Valley. Full day tours are the name of the game usually visiting 3-4 wineries with a lunch at a local restaurant. Brew tours are also a part of MyGo. Visit the local brew pubs and have lunch too. It's like a wine tour but only local brew.

The picturesque Cowichan Valley is the location of many destination, local venue, and backyard weddings. MyGo offers wedding shuttles to and from the wedding. MyGo also offers just late night wedding pickup to make sure all the family and guests arrive safely to their destination.

MyGo offers transportation to and from other venues such as clubbing in Victoria, parties, concerts, and other events that would require transportation. We are also set up to shuttle people to local destinations during Laketown Shakedown and Sunfest, all part of the Laketown Ranch festivities in Youbou.

Got a group that needs to get to Tofino or Ucluelet, Victoria, or Campbell River? We can do that!

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