Cowichan Valley Wine Tours

We provide the best private group wine tours in the Cowichan Valley. We make winery tours fun, educational and create these tours in a way that allows you freedom.

We believe in FREESTYLE wine touring. You choose how long you want to spend at any particular winery. It’s that simple. No rushing, no hurry up its time to go to the next winery.

If your desire is to visit 2 or 3 wineries, sit and relax and just soak up the atmosphere (and hopefully some sun), we can do that.

If you want to do an all day tour visiting as many wineries as possible, that’s great! We can do that too. It’s FREESTYLE go-at-your-own-pace wine tasting. You chose the wineries of your choice or let us choose based on your input.  Over 14 wineries to choose from.



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Tour Price

  • $150 per hour/per bus load (not per person).  Please note the drinking age in British Columbia is 19.
  • Miniumum 3 hours.  (4 hours on Saturdays) Bus price is the same every day of the week. No additional fees for weekends.
  • Included in the tour price: 
    • Up to 14 Passengers
    • Our choice or your choice of wineries
    • Bottled water
    • Children are welcome (but may not be allowed into all venues)

Additional Fees

  • Lunch is not included in the tour price.
    We can make recommendations and reservations for lunch if desired. We can create a picnic basket lunch for you too.
  • Wine tasting fees (if applicable). Some wineries charge a nominal tasting fee.  Others are free.
    Why do we not include tasting fees?  Answer:  Some people enjoy a wine tour without drinking wine. Or they might not want to partake of a wine tasting at every stop.  So why should they have included tasting fees in the package?
  • Gratuity If you receive great service from your driver, gratuities are appreciated.

Example of per person pricing based on $150 an hour bus charge:
$150 x 4 hours = $600 + GST $30.00 =  $630 Total Cost.

That works out to $45.00 PER PERSON!  If you have less than 14 passengers then divide the price by the number of passengers to get your per person price.

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