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Q  How many passengers can you put in the bus?

A  We accommodate 14 passengers and one driver.

Q  Can you tell me the layout of the seats?

A  That’s best shown with a photo:

 The passenger side of the vehicle has a sliding door for easy access and exit.

mygo bus transportation

And there is plenty of storage space behind the last row of seats.

Q  Is this commercial vehicle?

A  The 15 passenger van is a commercial vehicle and requires a driver to have a BC Class 4 unrestricted driver’s license. We do not permit any employee to drive our vehicle without the driver’s class.

Furthermore, the vehicle has full commercial insurance, proper licensing, and safety logs as well as a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on board. 

MyGo meets all the requirements necessary to be a licensed commercial general license carrier in British Columbia.

Q  Can I make up my own tours?

A  Certainly, and if you need a hand we are glad to help you.

Q  When does the clock start for charging us by the hour?

A  That would depend on a couple of variables. 

Typically,  we charge from the time we arrive at the first pick up spot, or when we meet you at a certain address or destination. The hourly charge continues until the job is completed.

In some cases there may be additional hourly charges depending on where you are picked up or dropped off. These fees (if any) will most certainly be made aware to you before you agree to a price.

Q  How do we pay?

A  Payment can be via Mastercard, or Visa, etransfer, or cash. 

In some circumstances for some clients, we will invoice for the work that has been completed. For all other work we request payment prior to departure.

Q  How do we book a tour or transportation with MyGo?

A  We can be reached via phone at 250.732.1120, by email at 

We do not have an online booking service. We prefer to talk with you one on one to make sure you are properly set up for your tour/transportation.

Q  What about children?

A  Children are welcome, although you must bring the proper child restraints such as a booster seat or approved car seat for your child.

Q  What about drinking alcohol in the vehicle?

A  No open alcohol is permitted in the vehicle. Certainly, you may purchase alcohol on your tour but it may not be consumed in the vehicle. You are welcome to consume your own non-alcoholic beverages. Complimentary water is available.


Q  What about smoking in the vehicle?

A  That’s a no-no. This includes vaping.


Q  What about eating in the vehicle?

A  You are welcome to bring and eat food in the vehicle.

Q  What about fragrances?

A  We prefer that the vehicle be fragrance free. 

We ask that each person do their best to keep their fragrances to a minimum. This request includes heavily perfumed soaps and body washes as well as essential oils.

Q  What about pets?

A  Tigers and elephants are not permitted in the vehicle. Black bears should also stay outside. As for other domestic pets like dogs we are not opposed to pets.

Please discuss this with us when making your reservation.

Q  We have less than 14 people to go on a tour or in need of transportation. Can we still use your services?

A   Certainly. Our 15 passenger forward facing vehicle may be exactly what you are looking for. Lots of room and everyone faces the front.

If you think that a stretch limousine is for you then check  our LIMOUSINES page with recommended carriers. Otherwise we are glad to do business with you with less than 14 passengers.

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