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pricing for tours and transportation

Pricing MyGo Tours and Transportation

Located in the Cowichan Valley

  • The minimum price is $150/hr per busload…not per person (14 passengers max),  $200 after midnight
  • Passenger car is $75/hr/car load …not per person ( 4 passengers max), $100/hr after midnight.
  • Hourly prices generally begin at the first pick-up point and end at the last drop-off point.
  • Book for 5 hours and get the 6th hour free
  • Professional driver and gasoline is included in all transportation
  • Bottled water is provided for all passengers at no charge
  • Payment for all tours can be made by Credit Card, e-transfer, or cash. Pre-arranged invoicing is also possible
  • Gratuities are optional and appreciated
  • Bad jokes are free and plentiful

For more Details about MyGo Tours and Transportation Pricing, Contact us below.

Contact Mygo Tours at 250.732.1120

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recommended by tripadvisor
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