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Tofino Tours

No doubt about it, Tofino is breathtakingly beautiful.

Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino is about as west as it gets on Vancouver Island. If you were in Tofino and jumped in the water and kept swimming you would end up in Japan (but it might take a while)!

Tofino, it’s rugged. It’s wild.

It’s where to go to surf, whale watch, bear watch, sit in a hot spring, walk through unspoiled forests, beach-comb, suntan, eat fresh seafood, wander through the quaint town, take a sight seeing plane tour, visit a local brewery, take home some local artwork, get engaged or better yet get married, take in the botanical gardens, or visit Meares Island with its 1500 year old fir tree.

A truly once in a lifetime experience.

Transportation to Tofino

The MyGo tour bus tour leaves from Victoria or north of Victoria up as far as Qualicum.  We will stop at a couple of places along the way like Coombs Country Market and Cathedral Grove.

Our trips to Tofino are private, upon  request, with a group of up to 14 passengers. We leave early morning (yes, we will have some coffee) and return late in the evening or earlier if preferred.

Your group can split into smaller groups when in Tofino. For example, some of your group may want to go whale watching while others want to go surfing.  We take care of the details and make sure everyone goes to a destination that they can be excited about.

A picnic lunch is included or you may opt for a restaurant of your choice (not included in the fare). 

*We offer tours for longer stays. The driver from MyGo Tours stays with you the entire length of your stay.

Visit Transportation to Tofino  for transportation prices only.

Gratuities appreciated for the driver.

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