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We Drive Your Car

Short and Long Haul Transportation of  Vehicles

At MyGO Tours and transportation we offer the service of:

Driving your vehicle with your passengers for a wine tour or other event.  The fee for having our driver in your vehicle is $45/hr.

Other options for hiring our driver might be… You need to get your vehicle to Calgary.  Or you need a vehicle picked up in Edmonton and brought to Vancouver Island.

Perhaps you are a snowbird and require your vehicle driven to Arizona or California. (maybe even with pets?) One way or maybe both ways. (not during Covid times with border restrictions)

Locally you might need your car transported from Victoria to Courtenay.   Or from anywhere on the island to Vancouver. You might need to pick up or drop off a vehicle and need our driver to assist in that.

Let us know what you need and we will quote the price of our service (We Drive Your Car).

We do not participate in any designated driver programs. 

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