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Wedding Shuttle Service

MyGo Tours provides wedding shuttle service mainly in the Cowichan Valley.

Wedding Transportation

We also service Vancouver Island including Duncan, Nanaimo, Errington, Parksville and surrounding areas.

Yeah! It’s a wedding and we all love a wedding. Food, drink, happiness, playfulness, crazy speeches, music, lots of music, dancing, flowers, fancy dresses, and men finally wearing nice clothes! You might want to consider transportation to and from your wedding venue on the special day. MyGo Tours and Transportation offers a 14, 18 and 27 passenger shuttle bus.

We offer day service or night service or both. We shuttle your family and guests to and from your choice of pick up locations and drop off locations. For the most part, our shuttles are a door to door service. We make sure everyone gets home safe.

MyGo Tours and Transportation is locally owned and operates all year long. We are licensed in the province of British Columbia and approved by The Passenger Transportation Board of BC. All our drivers have a class 4 unrestricted license or higher as specified by ICBC.



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MyGo Wedding Shuttle

MyGo Wedding Shuttle FAQs

We have 2 buses. One is an 14 seat and the other is an 18 seat bus. All seats face forward on both buses. You may reserve one or both buses. We do not provide wheelchair accessibility.
Our service area is primarily the Cowichan Valley, however it is not uncommon for us to travel to Nanaimo and Parksville. Other pick up locations originate from Chemainus, Ladysmith, Duncan and Lake Cowichan. We do not very often travel to Victoria as there are numerous carriers in Victoria that will provide shuttle service.
For all current pricing please see our PRICING page.
We provide either the 14 or 18 passenger bus. Your shuttle can be a day + night shuttle or just a night shuttle. If you choose the day + night shuttle you are obligated to choose 4 hours and these can be split. For example: 2 hours to the wedding and 2 hours evening shuttle. Additional hours may be added at the current rate. Evening only shuttle requires a minimum payment of three hours.
Time is calculated from the start time you have requested until the last drop off. If you choose the split time option then time is calculated from requested time to last arrival venue drop off. If you request two hours then time will be minimum two hours. If you request one hour and go overtime then the time becomes 2 hours. This calculation is the same for the evening. Pick up time as requested and completion at the last drop off for 2 hours. Overtime will be billed after the wedding.
We deliver people door to door which may include hotels, motels, Air BNBs, or personal addresses.
Having some organization helps to make your shuttle be successful. If 50 people try to get on the last bus and there are only 14 seats, it becomes a problem. People have to wait and people who are tired, tipsy, and possibly chilled, do not like to wait. Be sure to have a plan that allows us and you to win your game of shuttling your family and friends in a way that works for all.
Clients often say, "the hotel is only 15 minutes away", and have it in their mind that we should only be absent for 15 minutes. As the client you have to understand it's return time. In this case it would be 30 minutes plus unloading time.
Please be aware of people who require or request long distance shuttle. We will shuttle people anywhere and everywhere. If two people want a shuttle that is 45 minutes away then 1.5 hours has passed and it has cost you significant money to transport them. In addition, people that are waiting for the shuttle are waiting too long. Maybe there is a better solution for you for the long distance shuttle guests.
Generally we are booked from May to the end of September. Wedding shuttles choosing the day+night option are competing with Cowichan Valley wine tours, golf tours, concerts, parties, graduation, and a host of other transportation requests. Our busiest booking month for weddings is January. We only reserve a bus when a deposit has been completed.
We are prebooked for numerous dates each year. The most significant booking dates are: Long Weekend in July Long Weekend in August
Your drivers love music. Really they do! Music on the bus happens via BlueTooth. You control your playlist and volume with your phone.
Children are welcome on the wedding shuttle bus. We do not provide chlid restraints. Please bring them. All children must be belted (in a good way) :)!



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Please text or call 250.732.1120 or use the form below 



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MyGo Tours and Transportation has been operating on Vancouver Island since 2018. MyGo offers fun, creative wine tasting tours in the Cowichan Valley. Full day tours are the name of the game usually visiting 3-4 wineries with a lunch at a local restaurant. Brew tours are also a part of MyGo. Visit the local brew pubs and have lunch too. It's like a wine tour but only local brew.

The picturesque Cowichan Valley is the location of many destination, local venue, and backyard weddings. MyGo offers wedding shuttles to and from the wedding. MyGo also offers just late night wedding pickup to make sure all the family and guests arrive safely to their destination.

MyGo offers transportation to and from other venues such as clubbing in Victoria, parties, concerts, and other events that would require transportation. We are also set up to shuttle people to local destinations during Laketown Shakedown and Sunfest, all part of the Laketown Ranch festivities in Youbou.

Got a group that needs to get to Tofino or Ucluelet, Victoria, or Campbell River? We can do that!

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